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inside out - outside in

Now with the abrupt change in our lifestyles, a change within the arts has occurred as well. The experience of an artwork has moved to online world and has started a new life. We can no more smell the paint and see the original colours or textures influenced by different light. We can only enjoy the idea of a painting but cannot experience it fully. They are now closed in a 2D world. The way we can interact with a painting is through a screen of our computers and smartphones. In the GIF triptych the distorted images are like our deformed reality. They are blending together like recent days, weeks. They glitch similarly to our current conversations interrupted by the low wi-fi. Old is meeting new. Old masters are put in modern context just like our experiences. Trapped inside, needing the outside. We have become dependent from new technologies- we don’t want them and need them at the same time. We want them but we keep talking about what we are missing. Avesso do avesso do avesso.

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