aleksandra kalisz

       Was born in Gdynia, Poland in 1992. Currently living and working in Guimarães, Portugal. Studied Fine Art in the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk. Got Master degree in the studio of Maciej Świeszewski in 2016. Currently doing her PhD in Universidade do Porto in Porto, Portugal. Specializes in painting, drawing and installation.


The main subject of my paintings is female figure. I currently work on two projects that explore the topic with a little different approach. I use ornaments in the background to control the mood of an artwork.

The project "Act of pattern" is a series of paintings where I focus on traditions. I paint women covered in patterned materials and place them in colorful backgrounds. I concentrate on delicate and soft forms of the models and the game of shadow and light. The paintings seem almost abstract- eyes get lost in the multitude of lines, colors and shapes. The ornaments that I use are mainly from Middle East. My aim is to combine two different cultures: European (female nude) and Islamic (ornaments). Both cultures have rich traditions which evolved in different ways. Europe has been focusing on human body while Middle East countries due to their religion have been expressing their art in geometrical ornaments. I want to show that our cultures can create something beautiful. The idea of the project originated from my travels to Spain. The south of the country is rich in culture where at some point Catholic, Islamic and Jewish people were living together. Their traditions mixed and created a style called Mudéjar. Seeing extraordinary architecture inspired me to use it in my art in more modern way. I want the audience to open to foreign cultures through art.

In the project “Thread of femininity” I still use ornaments but this time laces that are originally from Europe. I focus on female emotions expressed through body language. Even though I don’t paint portraits I am showing the feelings through gestures. I study female nature and focus on the delicate and sensitive aspect of it. The laces highlight the femininity.

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2018         UN/COVERED, CSW in Toruń, Toruń, Poland

2016         Act of Pattern, Master Thesis exhibition, Academy of Fine Arts, Gdańsk, Poland


Selected Group Exhibitions

2019         NordArt 2019, Kunstwerk, Budelsdorf, Germany

                Trees Outside the Academy #3, CAAA, Guimarães, Portugal

                Painting Today, European Museum of Modern Art, Barcelona, Spain

2018         Eibisch 2018, finalist's exhibition, Napiórkowska Gallery, Warsaw, Poland


2017         Sarto | Grøngaard | Kalisz, Beauton Art Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark

                Metamorphosis, Galeria Miejska, Wrocław, Poland

                Gentse Feesten, Vlask Art Gallery, Ghent, Belgium

                NordArt 2017, Kunstwerk, Budelsdorf, Germany

                Young Painting in Gdańsk, University of Gdańsk, Gdańsk

                A1 Łódź- Gdańsk, ASP in Łódź, Łódź, Poland

                Metamorphosis, Baltic Sea Culture Centre, Gdańsk


2016         Gdańsk Biennale 2016, Gdańsk Gallery of Art, Gdańsk

                Promotions, finalists’ exhibition, Legnica Gallery, Legnica, Poland

                Ale sztuka!, finalists’ exhibition, Kolonia Artystów, Gdańsk

                Red 2, online group show, Gallery25N


2015         Here and There, Bottlerbush Gallery, Harmony, USA

                In-flight, collaboration with Urszula Sakowska, Non Iron Salon, Gdynia

                Everything/ nothing, Academy of Fine Arts, Gdańsk

                Painting- works of the students of the Fine Arts Academy in Gdańsk, Debiut Gallery, Gdynia


2014         Afterimages, Zadra Gallery, Warsaw, Poland

                Plein-air painting Chmielno 2013, Start Gallery, Gdańsk


Awards and Grants

2019         BIAFARIN AWARD,  for 10 young artists at NordArt 2019


2017- now CAAA, artist in residence, Guimarães, Portugal


2017         Dar Slimane, art residency, Marrakech, Morocco

2016         Center of Contemporary Art in Toruń Award, Promotions, distinction

                The ArtSlant Prize, Round 6 showcase winner


2013/14    LPP Erasmus programme, scholarship, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain


Selected Collaborative Projects

2015         Animal Parade, participation in artistic show, Teatr Transgatunkowy SFINKS, Sopot, Poland

                Zemsta czyli łoskot ciszy na temat trudności porozumienia, artistic collaboration with Academy of                 Fine Arts in Wroclaw, happening symposium, Wroclaw

2013         Plein- air, Chmielno, Poland



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                In laces, Weranda, p. 32-33, 2/2018, February 2018

2017         A5, #6, September 2017

                NortArt 2017, exhibition catalogue

                Wotisart?, #4, July 2017

                Society 6, Art Quarterly, No. 2.2 2017

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2016         K MAG, #84, November-December 2016

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                Night of Museums 2016. Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk, exhibition catalogue


2015         Everything/nothing, exhibition catalogue


2014         Afterimages, Zadra Gallery, exhibition catalogue

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