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Act of pattern 

          The main subject of my paintings is female figure. I currently work on two projects that explore the topic with a little different approach.    I use ornaments in the background to control the mood of an artwork.

          The project "Act of pattern" is a series of paintings where I focus on traditions. I paint women covered in patterned materials and place them in colourful backgrounds. I concentrate on delicate and soft forms of the models and the game of shadow and light. The paintings seem almost abstract- eyes get lost in the multitude of lines, colours and shapes. The ornaments that I use are mainly from Middle East. My aim is to combine two different cultures: European (female nude) and Islamic (ornaments). Both cultures have rich traditions which evolved in different ways. Europe has been focusing on human body while Middle East countries due to their religion have been expressing their art in geometrical ornaments. I want to show that our cultures can create something beautiful. The idea of the project originated from my travels to Spain. The south of the country is rich in culture where at some point Catholic, Islamic and Jewish people were living together. Their traditions mixed and created a style called Mudéjar. Seeing extraordinary architecture inspired me to use it in my art in more modern way. I want the audience to open to foreign cultures through art.

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